Ontario Haskap Association has haskap plants available for sale in Ontario, pricing for 1 year old plants:

1-99        $6

100-500  $5

500-999  $4.55

1000+      $3.25

Cultivars from U of Sask:


Berry Blue


Indigo Gem

Indigo Yum

You can pick up at the farm, or you can have the plants to your location. We will ship orders over $300, shipping costs will depend on your location, we can give you a quote when you place your order. Send an email to Ontario Haskap

Organic Haskap Dessert Topper

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$ 5 CAD

Dark red and flavorful, bursting with a rich, distinctive sweet-tart taste. Our organic Haskap berries are mulled in Haskap juice to create our decadent dessert topper. Ideally suited to drizzle over ice cream, serve with crepes, or crème fraîche.

Made from organically grown Haskap berries, sugar, and a touch of Haskap wine.


Organic Haskap Wine Syrup

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$ 10 CAD


Organic Haskap Wine Cordial

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$ 8 CAD


Haskapple Juice

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$ 10 CAD