Why Grow Haskap in Ontario?

In short, Haskap is a perfect complement to a fruit orchard in Ontario. Haskap berries ripen in June, weeks before other berries and fruit, so can provide an early income stream. With no , low maintenace, suitabilty for a wide range of soil types, Haskap is an ideal crop for the Ontario fruit grower.


Haskap berries are melt in your mouth bursting with an intense blueberry raspberry flavor and can be eaten fresh or used in wide range of products such as jellies, cordials, syrups, desserts, juice, wine, ice cream, yogurt, sauces, chutneys and candies.
Haskap juice is intensely colored and flavored and suitable for processing into juices and coloring dairy products.

Varieties from the University of Saskatchewan:


  • Fruits are firm enough to withstand commercial harvesting and sorting at the University of Saskatchewantundra

  • Does not bleed from the stem end when picked

  • Most suitable for mechanical harvesting and Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) processing


  • Best flavor and largest fruit size

  • Suitable for home gardeners or U-pick operations who can hand pick the delicate fruit